Last night I had a pretty fucking bizarre dream (nightmare?) where my room was overrun by spiders. There were spider-nests in every corner, with little baby spiders crawling all over the walls and the whole place was just in ruins.

I don’t really remember the whole point of the dream or whatever stupid dream bullshit I was doing in it; running around or something. I woke up in the morning, not really phazed by the whole thing and I didn’t really think much of it.

Now tonight I’m sitting in bed, watching the movie Stoker in the dark and I see a shadowy figure crawl past my leg on my sheets. I quickly shine my phone-backlight to examine. It’s was a average sized spider. Nothing to startling.

Then I see little black shadowy figures surrounding it. I jump outta bed and quickly turn on my light. There are well over a hundred baby spiders crawling over my bed, where I was just sitting and then all over the side wall.


I just stood still and looked at them. I was so shocked I was literally/seriously questioning if I was dreaming or not, and then pretty much questioning my ENTIRE FUCKING EXISTENCE!

I’m not necessarily scared of spiders but this was so fucking surreal that I was genuinely terrified.

End of story; I soon jumped out of my trance, ran to kitchen and got some insect spray and killed that cunt spider and all it’s fucking offspring.

dis mi LEGIT debut gangsta-rap masterpiece. cumming soon.
~ OG-Kush
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